Manoa Falls tragedy

Manoa Falls lei.JPG

I visited Manoa Falls the other evening and found that friends of 19-year-old Kristi Takanishi had also visited recently and left a lei and a small memorial near the spot at the base of the falls where she was fatally injured in a tragic accident.  It’s a heart-breaking story.  So young, so full of life, just starting out.  Gone so quickly.

She and a friend had apparently climbed to the small pool above the main falls, and she somehow lost her balance and fell to the shallow rock-filled pool below.  Manoa Falls is actually a small cascade of falls, but the upper falls can only be seen from a distance.

Manoa Falls 1

Manoa Falls 2.JPG

I didn’t know her, but I shed a tear just the same.  I’m sure many people will think of her whenever they visit the falls.  I will too.

Manoa Falls memorial 1.JPG

Aloha Kristi.

Manoa Falls memorial 2.JPG




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