Koko Crater Arch and whales in the sun

Arch 2.jpg

This beautiful natural arch on the slopes of Koko Crater was formed by centuries of erosion of the volcanic tuff cone that created the crater.

Arch 13.jpg

The hike to the arch isn’t particularly difficult, but the climb up the arch is a lot steeper than it looks and there’s not much to hold on to, so a person should not try to cross over it unless they are in good shape and have a companion to call for help if anything should happen. And not in high winds, rain or when the arch is wet.  Bad stuff has happened.  No joke.

Arch climbers.JPG

Arch 10.jpg

Arch 9.jpg

Arch 8

The space below the arch is about the only place to catch some shade, and it can get very hot in the sun despite the steady breezes.

Arch 3.jpg

Arch 1.jpg

Arch 7.jpg

The view is awesome, and you can often spot whales spouting and frolicking off the coast in the winter and early spring, sometimes shadowed by whale-watching boats.

Whales 1.JPG

Whales 2.JPG

Whales 4.JPG

Whales 3.JPG

Whales 5.JPG

Arch 11.jpg



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