Majestic Manu o Kū and cute baby Gizmo

Manu 3.JPG

The Manu o Kū, or White Fairy Tern, is a threatened indigenous Hawaiian species that is renowned as a helpful guide to navigators.

Early Hawaiian canoe sailors knew that the Manu o Kū typically fly out to sea in the mornings and return in the evenings, and that following these birds would bring them to land.

Manu is the Hawaiian word for bird, and Kū is the traditional Hawaiian god of war.

Manu 2.JPG

The Manu o Kū is also the official bird of the City and County of Honolulu.

Manu 1

We stumbled upon a baby Manu o Ku in a tree we pass regularly, and decided to call him Gizmo after the character of that name from the move “Gremlins.”  Yes, it’s corny, but we couldn’t resist.

Gizmo 1.JPG

Gizmo 2.2.jpg





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