Easy hike to Pele’s Chair

Peles chair 1.JPG

It’s an easy stroll from Kalanianaole Highway or the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail parking lot to the unique rock formation known as Pele’s Chair, an homage to the volcano goddess.

Peles chair 2.JPG

It really does look like a recliner chair, but only from certain angles.

Peles chair 4.JPG

The chair is perched on a bluff right above the ocean and offers some spectacular views of the Ka Iwi Coast and Koko Crater.

Peles chair 3.JPG

It’s possible to climb Pele’s Chair, but it’s really not recommended and the views aren’t much different.  It’s a long way down on the rocky shore side.

Peles chair 5.JPG

On one side of the chair is a beautiful little inlet and small beach, known as Alan Davis Beach due to a former landowner.

Peles chair beach.JPG

The inlet has a small traditional Hawaiian fishpond constructed with rock walls, and there are lots of trails to explore on the other side.

Peles chair 6.JPG


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