Wandering along Ka Iwi Coast tidepools

Tidepools 2.JPG

The rugged Ka Iwi Coast on the east side of Oahu is a great place to wander.  Lots of tidepools and little surprises.

Tidepools 1.1.jpg

Oahu’s last active lava flow met the sea here many moons ago, and the beach is now a fascinating mix of coral and lava.

Tidepools 3.JPG

A few nice shells are scattered here and there.

Tidepools 4.JPG

Tidepools 5.JPG

Tidepools 9.JPG

The line on this fish’s back makes it look like he’s looking up and frowning.

Tidepools 6.1.jpg

Lots of little reef fish in the pools.

Tidepools 7.1.jpg

Tidepools 11

Some of the fish have very good camouflage.  Look closely and you will see the fish in the center below.

Tidepools 8.JPG

Tidepools 8.1.jpg

It’s always nice to see the Coast Guard on the job.

Tidepools 10.1.jpg

The empty shell of a large crab still stands guard too.

Tidepools 13.JPG

Koko Crater looms in the background.

Tidepools 14.JPG

This old engine block has seen better days.  It’s almost like an archeological find.  But not quite.  Just another reminder of the modern world.

Tidepools 15.JPG


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