More Ka Iwi Coast wanderings

Trails 1.jpg

The small traditional Hawaiian fishpond near Pele’s Chair functions much like a tidepool, allowing water to come in at high tide and bring fish that are then trapped when the tide recedes.  It’s also a nice safe place for small keiki (kids) to splash around.

There are lots of easy trails through the scrub between the beach and the highway.

Trails 18.jpg

Look closely and you can see where the lava wrinkled as it cooled and hardened while flowing toward the sea after Koko Crater’s last eruption, more than 30,000 years ago.

Trails 12.jpg

Trails 11.jpg

The water’s edge is a bit of a mangrove swamp around the small inlets that have carved themselves into parts of the shore.

Trails 2.jpg

A little further inland the soil dries out and you see a few plants that sure look like agave, and make me think of tequila anyway.

Trails 3.jpg

The old Wawamalu Bridge tucked away here once provided a vital link when this narrow road was the only way around the island, back before it was bypassed by the modern Kalanianaole Highway.

Bridge 3.JPG

Trails 5.jpg

It was built in 1931 and is still standing strong, more or less.

Bridge 2.jpg

The new bridge has been tagged pretty hard underneath.  The work is not my favorite, but it does show a certain talent.

Trails 14.jpg

There’s random found art along the shoreline too.

Trails 17.jpg

I wonder what the story is behind this curious rock installation.

Trails 16.jpg

A lone Kolea was out for a stroll.  Probably real tired after the long flight home from the mating grounds in Alaska.  That’s a long way to go for a date!

Trails 6.jpg

The Koko Crater Arch can be seen in the far distance if you look closely.

Trails 7.jpg

You can even glimpse a few hikers climbing the arch.

Trails 7.1.jpg

Back along the beach a sign warns that an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal and her pup have decided to sunbathe.  That means everyone else has to stay away so they won’t be disturbed.

Trails 10.jpg

Trails 10.1.jpg

She was sacked out among the rocks and hard to spot at first.

Trails 9.jpg

She never did raise her head, so all we saw was her back and flippers.

Trails 8.jpg

Trails 9.1.jpg

On a clear day, you can look out to sea and spot the silhouettes of Molokai, Lanai, and Maui.

Trails 15.jpg

Overhead, a float plane pilot is living the dream.

Trails 13.jpg

Must be a great view!

Trails 13.1.jpg

The Ka Iwi Coast is along the shore to the right of Koko Crater and far right of the island.









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