Bay Area interlude: Part II


Morning fog is lifting just enough to see the tops of the Golden Gate Bridge towers.


A flock of pelicans cruises just above the water, with Tiburon and Angel Island in the background.


Fort Point, below the San Francisco end of the bridge, was built before the Civil War to defend the bay.  Never fired a shot at an enemy.


Most visitors never see the bridge from below.  It’s pretty impressive.


An intrepid stand-up paddleboarder sweeps along in front of Alcatraz Island.


The lighthouse beside the island’s old federal prison still flashes every few seconds, after all these years.


This water is cold!  Not like surfing in Hawaii.


There’s that other bridge that doesn’t get as much respect, the Bay Bridge.  It’s just as awesome.  Historic Fort Mason in the foreground.


Ships quietly slip out the Golden Gate to the Pacific.


Bon Voyage!


Author: oahu nature blog

Just a nice person who sees the good in life. And in nature.

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