Bay Area interlude: Part III


Morning seagulls strut their stuff by the yacht harbor beside Marina Green in San Francisco.



This stone lighthouse was built to last.


And it’s a great perch.  Made it ma, top of the world!


Pelicans hunt while Alcatraz broods in the distance.


Not all follow the flock.


Sometimes the island’s lighthouse is a comforting beacon of stability amid ruins and rough seas.  Sometimes it’s reminiscent of an all-seeing panopticon conditioning the viewer to internalize the gaze of authority.  I guess it all depends on how your day’s going.


The moment of truth.  Will they share this piece of crab or fight for every scrap?  As it turns out, a little of both.  So similar to humans.


It seems kind of a shame to use such interesting sandstone for a simple breakwater, but it looks so much nicer than the usual concrete rubble.


How long ago were these shapes and patterns formed?  What was the world really like then?


No shortage of strong-looking mussels here.  But I sure wouldn’t eat anything out of this water.


The nearby Palace of Fine Arts was built in 1915 as a temporary structure for the Panama-Pacific Exposition.  Preserving it was a great move.


A tugboat tows a barge as a pelican tows its followers.


In the distance is Camp Reynolds near the western tip of Angel Island.



The sun comes out as a fishing boat heads out the Gate near Lime Point.


And we’re back on the road.






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Just a nice person who sees the good in life. And in nature.

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