Chatterbox guard of the jungle


This little guy is hard to spot, but you’ll sure hear him if he’s around.

The Red-billed Leiothrix is a native of Southeast Asia, southern China, and the Himalayas of India, and has been in Hawaii since the early twentieth century.


They were brought to the islands as pets, then one thing led to another, as is so often the case.


Once you’re in their territory, they will sound the alarm and harangue you until you leave.


Sometimes you can’t see them at all, or only catch a short glimpse as they dart through the bushes.  Took me a while to get some decent shots.


They have very cool colors, a bright red bill, and a distinct notched tail.


They’ll see you long before you see them.


You will probably never see one in urban Honolulu, and they are not exactly common elsewhere.


But once you find their little neighborhood in the elevated rain forest, they’re relatively easy to locate, or at least hear.


It’s nice to know they’re there, doing their little thing to protect the jungle from intruders.


Okay, okay, I’m leaving!  Sheesh!


Author: oahu nature blog

Just a nice person who sees the good in life. And in nature.

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