Hanauma Bay Ridge and the uncrossed Bridge of Doom


Hanauma Bay Ridge is an, ahem, “unsanctioned” trail far above the tourist hordes that converge on the shoreline of the bay.


Some great views of the bay and Koko Crater beyond.




Lots of dry scrub inside the crater that sits high above the bay and is far less eroded.


The pheasants inside are pretty elusive, more likely to be heard than seen.


Some treacherous sea cliffs rise above the ocean.


And a lava shelf leads to the Bridge of Doom.


It’s more commonly known as the “Rock Bridge” or “Stone Bridge.”

I call it the Bridge of Doom because of the tragic accidents that have occurred there.

People like to stand on the bridge and have their picture taken.  Most of the time, it just looks cheesy.  Sometimes, it looks downright foolish.

And every once in a while, a wave crashes over the bridge and puts and end to the fun and games.


We’ll leave this bridge uncrossed.



Author: oahu nature blog

Just a nice person who sees the good in life. And in nature.

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