Awesome evidence of ancient eruptions at Kamanele Park


Park maintenance workers cut back some thick brush along the edge of Kamanele Park for the first time in recent memory and exposed a magnificent cascade of lava rock.


From a distance, the rocks look almost like the remnants of an ancient temple lost in the jungle, but as far as I can tell this is a natural formation.



You can really see how the hot lava flowed, folded, then cooled.


A very young Barack Obama lived across the street with his grandparents for a time, and it’s not hard to imagine young “Barry” running around the park and perhaps climbing around on these same rocks.


Tree roots have grown around and through some of the rocks, and it looks pretty amazing.



More rocks remain hidden beneath the scrub, but maybe we’ll get to see them some day soon.



Author: oahu nature blog

Just a nice person who sees the good in life. And in nature.

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